EasyPact EZC-EZC100B3030

circuit breaker Easypact EZC100B – TMD – 30 A – 3 poles 3d
Product Specifications
Part Number: EZC100B3030
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 1.4 dm
Gross Weight: 0.696 kg
ETIM-6.0: EC000228

Product Description

This is a 30A circuit breaker for EasyPact EZC100B. This product can work below rated operational voltage(Ue) 550VAC at 50/60Hz. The ultimate breaking capacity(Icu) is shown differently, depended on the condition of network, Ics=25%Icu if need to match. This version of product is designed 3 poles frame with detection on 3 poles,equiped TMD trip unit for thermal-magnetic protection. It is compliance with standard IEC60947, CE certification and some independent lab(KEMA,ASEFA,TUV) or third-party Tilva. This device is certified for operation in pollution degree III environment as defined by IEC60947, and pass the test of extremely atmospheric conditions. Device can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a metal enclosure,and against from safety risk by padlocking. The degree of protection is IP40 for direct rotary handle,and IP54 for extended rotary handle. This series have slots used for indication or voltage release auxiliaries positioning , depending on where it is inserted in the device behind the front cover of circuit breaker. The fixed dimension is 75mm(width),130mm(height),60mm(Depth).

Product Description
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