Harmony Easy XA2E-XA2ET42

red Ø40 Emergency swtiching off push-button Ø22 non trigger – push-pull 1NC
Product Specifications
Part Number: XA2ET42
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 160 mm
Gross Weight: 99 g
ETIM-6.0: EC002034

Product Description

This Harmony XA2 emergency switching off / shutdown 40mm mushroom head modular red push button operates with a latched push-pull mechanism. It has a plastic bezel. This emergency stop / shutdown button, also called EMS (Emergency Machine Stop) and EMO (Emergency Off) is easily installed into a standard 22mm diameter cut-outs and connected with simple screw-clamp connections. It is clearly distinguishable visually at a distance thanks to a clear color and a prominent 40mm mushroom shape. It is dust resistant and water resistant thanks to its IP65 protection index. It is ideal for applications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation.

Product Description
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