PowerLogic™ ION9000T meter, HSTC, DIN mount, 192 mm display, B2B adapter, HW kit
Product Specifications
Part Number: METSEION95040
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
ETIM-6.0: EC001506

Product Description

The PowerLogic ION9000 is your 24/7 power quality expert, providing information, not just data. A comprehensive, industry-leading Power Quality Instrument (PQI-A) certified to IEC 62586-1/-2 ensures reliable, precision performance that is perfect for both supply and demand side applications. Third-party lab verified accuracy to Class 0.1S (ANSI C12.20, IEC 62053-22). Highly customizable and modular, ION technology programmability and field installable option modules can satisfy any solution, protecting your investment now and into the future. Providing power quality analysis according to both EN 50160 and IEEE 519, and patented Disturbance Direction Detection, you become a PQ expert and will be able to respond rapidly to system events. Cybersecurity features include secure protocols (HTTPS, SFTP), security event logging, Syslog protocol, ability to enable/disable communication ports, and 50 user configurable accounts. With 2GB of memory to support 50 data logs, 50+ user-definable alarms, disturbance and transient waveforms. 1/2 cycle RMS logging, custom web pages, min/max logs, energy trends, and Time of Use. The ability to timestamp events to +/-1 ms utilizing time synchronization method that include PTP (IEEE1588), NTP, IRIG-B, GPS ASCII (RS485) and network time set function. 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 2 relay outputs, plus the ability to add up to 4 option modules. Option modules include 2 relays and 6 digital inputs or 2 analog outputs and 4 analog inputs. Ability to capture high-speed impulsive and oscillatory transients as short as 100 ns and record both waveforms and 1/2-cycle RMS concurrently on any event. Voltage inputs of 100 to 690 V between phases; Current inputs of 1 A, 5 A; current class 2, 10, 20 A; Frequency of 20-450 Hz. Wide control power range of 90 to 480 VAC or 110 to 480 VDC. DIN rail mounting with remote display and panel mounting (with back to back adapter), plus 2 display options, further enhance the flexibility and adaptability of the ION9000.

Product Description
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