Masterpact MT-29473

interface and automatic controller – ACP + UA – 380..415 V
Product Specifications
Part Number: 29473
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 27.9 cm
Gross Weight: 4.255 kg
ETIM-6.0: EC002498

Product Description

It is a remote controlled source changeover system for Compact NSX, Compact NS and Masterpact devices. It is composed of an ACP plate and of an automatic UA controller. This ACP provides in a single unit the protection of the controller, the control and the connection to the devices. The UA controller is used to create a source-changeover transfer from one source to another depending on the presence of voltage UN on the “Normal” source. UA controller integrates also the start-up of an engine generator set, the shedding and reconnection of non-priority circuits, the transfer to the “Replacement” source if one of the phases on the “Normal” source fails. The control voltage is from 380VAC to 415VAC 50/60Hz, or 440VAC 60Hz.

Product Description
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