Masterpact MTZ-LV851200SP

EIFE Ethernet module full kit – for MTZ2/MTZ3 drawout – spare part
Product Specifications
Part Number: LV851200SP
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 5.25 cm
Gross Weight: 320 g
ETIM-6.0: EC001604

Product Description

This EIFE is an embedded Ethernet interface module designed for MasterPact MTZ2/3 drawout circuit breakers. It provides a single Ethernet access and gets all data delivered by Masterpact MTZ2/3 control unit. It monitors the three positions of the circuit breaker when inserted in its chassis (IN, OUT, TEST). The data flow is 10/100 Mbps for a simple daisy chain connection. The connection to EIFE interface requires a ULP communication port installed on the chassis of MasterPact MTZ2/3. The EIFE is mounted on MasterPact MTZ2/3 chassis DIN rail, and is connected to the ULP port by an ULP cable (supplied). The EIFE power supply is provided by the ULP port through the ULP cable. There are two RJ45 sockets for the connection to Ethernet network. The EIFE is entirely part of the EcoStruxure Power architecture and Ethernet ready smart panels. The EIFE firmware can be updated using EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

Product Description
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