OsiSense XM-XMLG016D21

pressure sensor XMLA – 0..16 bar – G 1/4A (male) – 24 V – 4..20 mA
Product Specifications
Part Number: XMLG016D21
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 10.6 cm
Gross Weight: 134 g
ETIM-6.0: EC000243

Product Description

This product is part of the XM range, an offer of electronic pressure sensors. The electronic pressure sensor features a G 1/4A (male) for fluid connection. This pressure switch is suitable for controlling fluids such as air (-15°C to 125°C), corrosive fluid (-15°C to 125°C), hydraulic oil (-15°C to 125°C) and fresh water (0°C to 125°C). It supports 4mA to 20mA, 2 wires analogue output signal. It is furnished with 3-pin M12 male connector for electrical connection and control electrical circuit. With a pressure setting range of 0bar to 16bar, a maximum permissible accidental pressure of 36bar and a destruction pressure of 40bar. It is an electronic pressure sensor with a rated supply voltage of 12V DC (voltage limits 8V to 33V), 24V DC (voltage limits 8V to 33V) and a current consumption of <20mA. It is an IP66, IP67 and NEMA 4 rated product. The electronic pressure sensor has a metal body with stainless steel 303 fluid entry. Its dimensions are 22.8mm (Diameter) x 48.5mm (Length) x 58.1mm (Height) and weighs 0.095kg. This pressure switch can be used for monitoring air, fresh water, hydraulic oils and refrigeration fluids. This product is certified by CSA C22.2 No 14, EAC, UL 508 and CE. It meets EN/IEC 61326-2-3 standards. One of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial and power pressure sensors on the market, including a user-friendly electronic transmitter sensor, with unrivalled flexibility of modification during operation. Ex nautilus control pressure switches, pressure transmitters and power pressure switches for industrial pressure control.

Product Description
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