Osisense XS & XT-XS608B1PBM12

inductive sensor XS6 M8 – L62mm – stainless – Sn2.5mm – 12..48VDC – M12
Product Specifications
Part Number: XS608B1PBM12
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 0.67 dm
Gross Weight: 0.032 kg
ETIM-6.0: EC002714

Product Description

This XS cylindrical (M8 thread) inductive proximity sensor has a PPS sensing face and a stainless steel grade 303 case. It has a supply voltage of 12V to 48V DC. This general purpose threaded cylindrical inductive proximity sensor is flush mountable and has an increased sensing range. It is mountable directly on a surface or bracket, thanks to its outer thread and twin nuts. Non-magnetic 303 stainless steel provides magnetic shielding to the sensor, better accuracy and immunity to magnetic disturbance. It has 4 LED viewports for easy sensor status viewing, setup and troubleshooting. IP65 and IP67 protection makes this product ready for the harshest environments. It can operate in very cold (-25°C) and hot environments (+70°C). It has a standard M12 connector, compatible with all existing market sensor cabling. It is CSA, UL certified.

Product Description
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