Zelio Control-RM35UB330

voltage control relay RM35-U – range 194..528 V AC
Product Specifications
Part Number: RM35UB330
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 9.7 cm
Gross Weight: 126 g
ETIM-6.0: EC001441

Product Description

This Zelio RM35-UB allows monitoring of voltage control in 3-phase networks. This modular multi function 3-phase voltage control relay is ideal for monitoring of electrical values in industrial and building control panels. It applies to a wide type of industrial automation applications such as hoisting, packaging, lifts, textile, water. It has one of market medium form-factors with 35mm width, allowing for a flexible and easy installation on DIN rail, using the same space as any modular 3-pole DIN device. It also offers a sealable cover, simple and precise settings with screw trimmers. It provides automatic shutdown management and fault information to user for a quick fault identification and troubleshooting. multi function controller for wide choice selected in hard-wired logic automated systems, ideal for refurbishment of old installations without using a PLC.

Product Description
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