Harmony XB5-XB5RFB01

Pk 22mm XB5R non-programmable rec 24VDC
Product Specifications
Part Number: XB5RFB01
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 10.8 cm
Gross Weight: 195 g
ETIM-6.0: EC001028

Product Description

This Harmony XB5, flush black wireless push button and receiver unit set is supplied with a 24V DC input. This wireless batteryless push button provides a simple and reliable solution for remote control of machines, conveyors and cranes. The button is easily installed into standard 22mm diameter panel cut-outs, while the receiver is DIN rail mountable. Its plastic bezel makes it ideal for applications requiring good resistance to chemical agents and/or double electrical insulation. It provides robust wireless communications, for guaranteed operation even in the most electromagnetically disturbed environments. Its simple modular design facilitates post installation servicing, modification and adaption of machines by non-specialists. It is easily installed into standard 22mm diameter cut-outs. It complies with most radio emission standards, for a guaranteed comfort during design and project approval.

Product Description
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