Vigirex RH10MP, RH21MP, RH99MP, RH197, RHU-50442

Closed toroid for residual current protection GA – Ø 300 mm
Product Specifications
Part Number: 50442
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 40.2 cm
Gross Weight: 2.175 kg
ETIM-6.0: EC002048
Product Description

This toroid is dedicated to Vigilohm Insulation Fault locators, and to Vigirex residual current protection and monitoring relays. The inner diameter of the toroid is 300 millimeters and the weight is 2.280kg. The cables must be centered within the toroid and the diameter represented by all these cables should not exceed 150 millimeters. The maximum cross section per phase (R, S, T, N) is 2 cables of 240mm² for a copper conductor. It allows the monitoring of the injected component from Vigilohm Insulation Monitor, and the measurement of a current rating up to 630A for Vigirex monitoring and protection relays.

Product Description
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