Zelio Control-RM35JA31MW

current control relay RM35-J – range 2..500 mA
Product Specifications
Part Number: RM35JA31MW
Base Unit of Measurement: PCE
Length: 9.5 cm
Gross Weight: 138 g
ETIM-6.0: EC001440

Product Description

This Zelio RM35-JA relay allows monitoring of current control in single phase networks. This modular multi function single phase current control relay is ideal for monitoring of electrical values in industrial and building control panels. It applies to a wide type of industrial automation applications such as hoisting, packaging, lifts, textile, water. It has one of market medium form-factors with 35mm width, allowing for a flexible and easy installation on DIN rail, using the same space as any modular 3-pole DIN device. It also offers a sealable cover, simple and precise settings with screw trimmers. It provides automatic shutdown management and fault information to user for a quick fault identification and troubleshooting. multi function controller for wide choice selected in hard-wired logic automated systems, ideal for refurbishment of old installations without using a PLC.

Product Description
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